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This is a new concept of K-pop playground that connects voices from around the world. K-pop. Music. Fans. Happiness. Growth. Curiosity. Can we connect all of these things? Yes, we can. And we did. First, we developed the K-pop vocal test. We made a place where K-pop fans can share their music. We built the space, but it is your songs that will act as inspiration to each other.

Just sing!

People only watch others sing instead of singing themselves. They are worried that other people won’t like their singing. Who cares? Singing your favorite idol’s song is a meaningful way of showing them your love. So don’t worry. And just sing.


Vocal master team. Only in TUNEGEM.

We have a special team called ‘Tuner’. The head of the team is Min Seok Kim. He is the center of the K-pop vocal coach industry. For over 20 years, he coached, studied, and analyzed singers. His observations of more than 1,000,000 cases have helped him develop his own musical theories. He knows about ‘vocalization’ and he wants this knowledge to be put to good use. We are excited to help share his knowledge exclusively with all of you.

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K-pop audition apply

Quick. Easy. Zero pressure. If you are looking for a chance to show your talent and become a K-pop idol, apply here in TUNEGEM. Select your music, apply, and wait. That’s it. If you are accepted then, congratulations! You grabbed the chance to be an idol from your own home.


Your favorite idol has such a nice voice, right? You could too. The real improvement starts with self-realization. We measure your level, suggest the best vocal position for you, and assess your voice type idol match. The level is based on our vocal evaluation system constructed by Tuner. Tuner evaluates your voice with over 95% accuracy!

And did I mention it’s free?

TUNEGEM Premium Report

Edge. Accurate. Trustful. We analyze your level and the characteristics of your voice. We match you with your voice type idol match and the K-pop entertainment company you would fit best with. We also give you tips on how to improve your voice that is geared towards your voice type. It’s a lengthy process, but it is all valuable information that you’ve never heard before. You can have all of this analyzed for only $2!

FMSO type
We classify voices into four types. Fire, Mountain, Sky, and Ocean. One is not better than another. They are only different. That’s the message we want to give you. You will get to know a lot about what your voice type means. Your voice type will act as a guide to help you improve your voice effectively. With the right song choice, your voice will shine brighter than ever.
About Tuner

Meet the master vocal coach Min Seok Kim and his crew ‘Tuner’

  • Dare to Challenge
  • Staying ahead of the trends
  • Accurate consulting based on the right information
Min Seok Kim

Min Seok Kim

Master vocal coach

Min Seok Kim has been running his vocal coaching academy called SAND FACTORY for 12 years. It’s one of the top three vocal coaching academies in Korea. He built his original vocal system ‘FMSO’ based on his clinical and medical research. His focus has always been on his students. Due to his various vocal coaching experiences, he has met thousands of students who have big dreams. He has helped them go in the right direction and gave them their best chance at success. Now his students stand out in their field.

His skills are not limited only to vocal coaching. He is famous for being the coach who can take care of a student’s soul. He believes music is connected to the mind, always tries to listen to his students like a therapist would. The main reason why so many students respect and love him is that he is on their side and understands them completely.

Vocal coach for top Korean entertainment companies
  • BigHit Entertainment - idol trainees
  • YG Entertainment - Kang Seung-Yoon from WINNER, Lee hi, Kwon Hyun-bin, idol trainees, and so on.
  • SM Entertainment - f(x) LOONA, Taemin from SHINee
  • BRANDNEW music - MXM, AB6IX, MC Gree, idol trainees, and so on.
  • LIVEWORKS company - Rubin from 1TEAM, idol trainees, and so on.
  • C-JeS Entertainment - Kim Nam-Gil, Um Ji-Won vocalization coaching
  • DSP Media - Huh Young-Ji from KARA, idol trainees, and so on
  • KAKAO M - idol trainees, and so on
  • Starship Entertainment - idol trainees, and so on
  • FAVE Entertainment - idol trainees, and so on
  • Around US Entertainment - idol trainees, and so on
  • MLD Entertainment - MOMOLAND
  • DreamT entertainment - Girl's Day, MAP6
  • First one Entertainment - trainees
  • CUBE Entertainment - (G)I-DLE
  • Romantic Factory - Park Jae-Jung
  • PlayM Entertainment - HuhGak
  • etc.
Worked alongside Korean celebrities
  • Lee Byung-Hun : Vocal coaching to prepare his Tokyo-dom fan meeting for three months in 2008.
  • Kim Tae-Ri : Continue lessons on vocalization
  • Jung Woo-Sung : Lessons on vocalization
  • Kim Nam-Gil : Lessons on vocalization (since 2012) Nam
  • Namgung Min : Lessons on vocalization for three years
  • Kim Young-Gwang : Lessons on vocalization (since 2017)
  • Park Sin-Yang : Vocal coaching to prepare his fan meeting for four years.
  • Ok Taec-Yeon : Lessons on vocalization
  • An Bo-Hyun : Lessons on vocalization
  • Lee Su-hyuk, Cha Yae-ryun, and so on.
Worked on Broadcasted TV programs
  • SBS ‘LOUD’
  • MBC ‘Star Audition - The Great Birth’
  • tvN ‘Superhearer’
  • MBC ‘Global Super Idol’
  • Mnet ‘I can see your voice’
  • SBS ‘Miracle Audition’
  • KBS ‘Road for Hope’
  • SBS ‘Actor Popstar’
  • SBS e-TV ‘Marriage is a Crazy Thing’
  • Mnet ‘Serenade Master Plan’
  • Mnet ‘Superstar K’
  • tvN ‘Perfect Singer’
  • TVchosun ‘Harmony’

Why is Tuner special?

1 Min Seok Kim’s choice
After thorough interviews and tests, the tuners have been recognized by Min Seok Kim.
2 Systematic education
Each tuner is a great vocalist and a vocal coach, but their judgments should be consistent. So, all of the tuner trainees go through a training program for up to a month. During this period of time, they study various cases and learn to evaluate users consistently.
3 Supporting of the singer
If you want to sing better, you need to know about the music itself. All tuners who have worked as a vocal coach are not only vocal coaches but also vocalists themselves. A coach needs the insight to understand how the student is developing. Since tuners have worked as vocalists too, they can genuinely help guide you as a vocalist.

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